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Warchive announces the winners of the first wave of microgrants

The Photo Archive of the War in Ukraine (WArchive) has announced the winners of the first wave of microgrants for photo projects related to the coverage of life during the Russian war against Ukraine. The winners receive 800 euros and have to make a photo story or a series of 15-45 photos within 6 weeks.

In total, the WArchive team selected 10 projects by Ukrainian photographers:

Yelyzaveta Bukreeva - "Do not look at the suffering of others"
Yana Kononova - "Radiations of War"
Yulia Kochetova - "Family Portrait"
Roman Bordun - "Mirage"
Ivanna Sidach - "Protecting hope"
Oleksandr Kurmaz - "Rider on a red horse"
Sergiy Polezhaka - "Naïve Ukrainian Gardens"
Vyacheslav Ratynsky - "Signs of War"
Vladislav Musienko - "Ukrainian lyrical landscape during the war"
Olena Grom - "This crazy, crazy world".

Olena receives a scholarship of SEK 20000 from Rikstolvan Gallery, a three-month residency and an exhibition in the gallery. Microgrants for Ukrainian photographers are funded by the Swedish Institute and Hasselblad Foundation. The photos taken within the microgrants will be included in the Photo Archive of the War in Ukraine, and the photographers will become members of WArchive.

The following competitions will be held according to the following schedule:
• Second wave: January 2023.
• Third wave: March 2023.
• Fourth wave: June 2023.

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